EPER/ Media Centre, Agora and Municipal Archives in Epernonequipements

Commune of Epernon

MU / AC&T/ Euclid / Alternatice / M. Vallet

600 m2

1 563 000€ ht

Double flux MVC / green roof / ecological continuity

In progress



Our project is a free and open space where the different spaces of the library are not separated by opaque screens but are rather defined as individual treatments of singular and various atmopsheres whilst playing with interior/exterior transparency. To these elements we also add a game of varying topography, as the floor raises itself gently at instances throughout the project. Each room benefits from an alternating view into the landscape and an interaction with another space of the media centre.

The ceiling is the main reference point and encapsulates the soul of the project. Like old façade ornamentations and wall paintings (see Chagall’s work at the Paris Opera, or Klimt at the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna), we propose to treat this grand surface as an artwork that highlights the local historical heritage : Sparnonian Culture. The use of stretched canvass is an ideal support for this big scale artwork. This brightly colored element does not pay attention to interior boundaries and extends towards the exterior at various angles, depending on solar orientations. The transparency of the exterior façades gives the impression of a hovering roof element, lighting up the night as a firefly would.