Plant House, a vegetable garden tower of 71 flats in Paris

SNI / BDP Marignan


4 615 m2

10 200 000€ ht

H&E / Paris Climate Plan / shared green roof / horticultural greenhouse

Building permit november 2016


At the center of the plot, the Plant House plays a pivotal role between the different levels and the various programs. It hosts the intermediate housings, the home ownership units and envelops the Bio-hacker House. The latter creates a space that opens itself widely on the inner islet’s garden.

The Plant House, with its facade and its terrace producing vegetables, is dedicated to the inhabitants. The garden-structure is a skin that dresses up the widely glazed housings. The plantations are designed to complement the principal production on the roofs. The vertical greenhouses on the south facade make the visual and logistical link between the rooftop and the balconies for a regular maintenance, without having to cross the flats. The tanks’ position is made depending the inside usage of the flats (living-rooms and bedrooms). The garden directs the views and intimacies.

The Plant House seeks to affirm the concept of an harmonious dialogue between collective life fertility and the one of the landscape, of the leisure, of the social link. Through the vegetables production, the project creates a welfare and comfort feeling at home and with the others.