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June 30, 2016

MU has won the competition for the construction of thirty housing in Chevilly-Larue with Eiffage and the EPAORSA. The project will be online soon.      

MU mute !  Thanks to the whole team at ABM Studio –  for the new website and the our new graphic identity!


Children’s House in Briis-sous-Forges

CLIENT Commune of Briis-sous-Forges TEAM MU / Archicop / B2i / Adx SURFACE 640 m2 BUDGET 1 100 000€ ht ENVIRONNEMENTAL ASPECT Double flux MVC / green roof / rain water recycling STATUS Built november 2013 LocatioN   For a good number of years, the children of Briis-sous-Forges have had the chance to have their school […]


Hidden Locker Rooms in Forges-les-Bains

Client Commune of Forges-les-Bains tEam Mu / Les Particules SURFACE 220 m2 BUDGET 470 000€ ht ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECT Integration within the regional park of the valley of Chevreuse / strong inertia allowed by the landmass / plant-covered roof for the temporization of rainwater / natural lighting in all the rooms STATUS Built march 2013 locatiON   If […]


Media Centre, Agora and Municipal Archives in Epernon

CLIENT Commune of Epernon TEAM MU / AC&T/ Euclid / Alternatice / M. Vallet SURFACE 600 m2 BUDGET 1 563 000€ ht ENVIRONNEMENTAL ASPECT Double flux MVC / green roof / ecological continuity STATUS In progress locATION   Our project is a free and open space where the different spaces of the library are not separated by opaque […]


Fertile House – Private House in Tours

TEAM Private MOE MU SURFACE 210 m2 COÛT 300 000€ ht ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECT Ground coupled heat exchanger/ double flux CMV/ « bio brick »/ passive energy house / roof garden STATUS Built 2009 locaTION In a residential neighbourhood of the city of Tours, at the bend of a street, a house turns its back abruptly to the street […]


Multisports Hall and multipurpose room in Chitenay

CLIENT Syndicate of the Val du Beuvron / 3 Vals aménagement TEAM MU / Les Particules / Paul Mingot / Boucharin / Adx / Acoustex SURFACE 2 050 m2 BUDGET 1 460 000€ ht ENVIRONNEMENTAL ASPECT Solar wall for passive heating  / basin for rain water recuperation / double flux  MVC STATUS Built november 2014 LOCATION   In order […]


Plant House, a vegetable garden tower of 71 flats in Paris

CLIENT SNI / BDP Marignan TEAM MU / XTU / ATEC SURFACE 4 615 m2 BUDGET 10 200 000€ ht ENVIRONNEMENTAL ASPECT H&E / Paris Climate Plan / shared green roof / horticultural greenhouse STATUS Building permit november 2016 locATION At the center of the plot, the Plant House plays a pivotal role between the different levels and the various […]


Henri Becquerel High School in Tours

client Centre Region tEam MU/ Egis/ Aïda SURFACE 2 600 m2 budgeT 4 600 000€ ht ENVIRONNEMENTAL ASPECT RT2012 / solar panels / windmill Status Competition 2013 locATION A school is primarily a place of the exchange and transmission of knowledge, its atmosphere must bring prosperity to this type of social interaction by bringing a comfort that frees the mind […]


Emergency Center in Bourgueil

CLIENT SDIS 37 TEAM MU / HDI / Dupin / Ingé Consult SURFACE 800 m2 BUDGET 950 000€ ht ENVIRONNEMENTAL ASPECT RT 2012 STATUS Built december 2015 locATION   The integration of the emergency center into the vineyard landscape can be seen the continuous roof line which covers the low volumes, offices and changing rooms, and gently extends to cover […]


55 Multifamily Housing and a Childcare Centre Paul Meurice Road in Paris

client Elogie TEam MU / Arcoba SURFACE 3 800 m2 budgeT 7 800 000€ ht ENVIRONNEMENTAL ASPECT Plan climat Paris / RT2012 / H&E / wood floor / green roof / solar panels Status Competition 2013 locATION The project discusses the notion of “living within the heart of a housing block”: – All the housing units are crossing apartments, with the […]


Media Centre, Museum and Multipurpose Room in Rethel

client Community of Communes of the Rethelois tEam MU / ECLLA/ AC&T/ Structures&Systèmes/ Betelec/ Bureau Michel Forgue/ CDB Acoustique/ Marc Vallet SURFACE 1 320 m2 budget 2 950 000€ ht ENVIRONNEMENTAL ASPECT RT2012 / Cerqual H&E Status Competition 2014 locATION The rehabilitation of the farm seeks a preserve the spirit of the existing agricultural architecture, […]


The Invisible City – Urban design in Brasilia

RESEARCH TEAM MU STATION SURFACE 40 000 m2 SHOP OFFICE PUBLIC BUILDING SURFACE 60 000 m2 GARDEN SURFACE 30 000 m2 STATUS Competition 2006 locATION   The multimodal transport hub of Brasilia marks the city’s hotspot as it is where the grand urban monuments meet the daily life of its citizens. It is in this knot that we see a convergence of the city […]


Hide Wall – New neighbourhood in La-Chaux-de-Fonds

CLIENT City of La-Chaux-de-Fond TEAM MU / Marcos Franchini / Aude Lerpinière SURFACE 11 ha STATUS Laureate Proposal – Third Price 2010 LocATION The horizon of the city of Chaux-de-Fonds is naturally marked by the sinusoid of distant mountains and the strict plan of the urban settlement. When taking a stroll in the center of town, you might […]


Private House “Up House” in Chinon

CLIENT Private TEAM Mu / B2i SURFACE 120 m2 BUDGET 200 000€ ht Environmental Aspect Double flux MVC / integrated Sun Screen system / recuperation of rain water status Study 2011 LOCATION Arriving at the house, you will simply discover a grandiose staircase.  Upon climbing the steps, the hilly landscape of the region will present […]


Revitalization of the City Center in Olivet

CLIENT Commune of Olivet / SEMDO TEAM MU / Archicop / Neveux Rouyer SURFACE Building : 40 000 m2  /  Public area : 16 400 m2 STATUS In progress LOCATION   The ambition of the project is to transform the urban development zone into a dynamic neighbourhood which rekindles old ties with the historical city center with the […]