2 schools et 1 socio-cultural center

kind of outdoor school

Our school in three words: culture, adventure and nature

Between the imposing towers of the Epinettes, high forest, an open-air school, classrooms and gardens, as if clinging to the slopes of a mountain. We took advantage of the elevation and the slope to create a landscape that was both open and protected. Three flexible curves descend in a staircase towards the park and towards Paris, evoking as well cultures in terraces, the steps of an amphitheater buried under the moss, or the undulations of a landscape of mountain pastures: the school offers a harmonious synthesis between nature and culture.

Here, it is the altitude that differentiates the spaces: at the canopy-promontory of the elementary courtyard which overhangs the treetops of the park, opposes the more protective immersion of the nursery schools in the vegetation.

Each class has its own garden (threshold or protection; landscape or learning) which is also part of a country walk, resembling a walkway. We climb, between courtyard and roof, at the option of educational breaks, as among the factories of an English garden.