HENR/ Henri Becquerel High School in Toursequipements

Centre Region

MU/ Egis/ Aïda

2 600 m2

4 600 000€ ht

RT2012 / solar panels / windmill

Competition 2013


A school is primarily a place of the exchange and transmission of knowledge, its atmosphere must bring prosperity to this type of social interaction by bringing a comfort that frees the mind from constraints.

The Henri Becquerel High School is fortunate to be set in a natural largely wooded landscape, which forms a small campus. Developped with a modernist style, full of quality, yet also riddled with problems pertaining to space readability, prioritization, and space definition.

The project we propose uses the same vocabulary, the same grammar as the city, that is to say streets , corridors , squares , private spaces and communal areas. It is a project that concerns many scales of definition: educational, architectural and urban.

The project becomes a hive, a hub of activity and movement. It promotes hybrid thinking, interaction between the teachers, the students and the technical staff, potentially even buisnesses. It becomes an expression of Vocational High School.