Private House “Up House” in Chinon


Mu / B2i

120 m2

200 000€ ht

Environmental Aspect
Double flux MVC / integrated Sun Screen system / recuperation of rain water

Study 2011


Arriving at the house, you will simply discover a grandiose staircase.  Upon climbing the steps, the hilly landscape of the region will present itself to you at 360 °. You can relax at the 40 m² terrace which is the exterior extension of the living room. Throughout summer and spring, it is the most important room in the house. Throughout the rest of the seasons, you can enjoy the minimalistic interiors, organized around 2 large windows framing the nearby vineyards.

If you Pass underneath the exterior grand staircase , you will enter in the private part of the house and . The rooms huddle against the ground and protect themselves from the sun.

The “Up House” is to be understood as an entirely open and walkable space which reduces discontinuity as much as possible. The house doesn’t block your passage with its walls but presents you with a staircase towards the horizon.