Pressigny Sports Hall in Selles-sur-Cher

Commune of Selles-sur-Cher

MU / Les Paricules / B2i / Adx / Acoustex

1 900 m2

1 450 000€ ht

Double flux MVC / green roof

Built april 2011



If you come to Selles-sur-Cher, MU proposes you to visit the Pressigny Sports Hall. Walk slowly towards the building, peering over the tops of the trees, a few hundred meters before reaching the outside sport fields. You will see a cloud of rectilinear geometry, slightly darker than the sky behind it. Walking closer, you will understand that you are looking at the translucent volume that crowns the Pressigny Sports Hall.

Take your time to turn around the building, and you will read a large smooth volume, enveloped at its base by bent metal cladding. You will not feel the dominating size of the building as its skin has been designed to melt into its environment.

At its top, the reflecting properties of polycarbonate panels merge the building with the sky. The lines and colours of the gymnasium change with the hours of the day and the seasons. The architecture becomes as light as a cloud or as dramatic as a red dusk on an autumn evening.

The translucid properties of the polycarbonate panels merge the building with the sun. Used as a second skin to a solid wall, it constitutes a solar wall which recuperates the energy of the sun for ventilation in summer and heating at low cost in winter.

The perforated steel cladding connects the building to the site that it sits on, and parallels the movement of sport.

The pediment of the buildings raises itself punctually to shape the main entrance hall, the meeting room and the locker rooms. During the day, the perforated steel sheets give off a red tint of the load bearing wall, and during the evening, the windows radiate a yellow colour of the interior walls. Outside and inside alike, you will sense the energetic buzz of the Pressigny sports Hall.