135 Housing in Menucourt

Nexity / SPLA Cergy Pontoise Aménagement

MU / Atelier Dupont

9 100 m2

10 200 000€ ht

RT2012 / Cerqual H&E / green roofs / double skin

Competition 2014



The creation of an urban development zone in Alçon is a subject that concerns all cities and towns : how does a urban settlement finnish? How should an architect treat this border between the built environment and the agricultural world? How can we reconcile these two drastically different scales of diametrically opposite territories? One, a landscape usually flat and reasonably wild, the other, logically planned, a web of streets and buildings.
The project is composed of 135 housing units, distributed into 3 typologies: town houses, intermediate housing and collective housing. The urban/landscape project of the urban development zone seeks to establish all necessary principles to build a relationship between the country side and the city: in regards to the varying heights of the buildings, their locations and their social usage.
The topography has also been taken into account at the scale of the plots of land, but also in regards to the site as a whole : the buildings do not emerge brutally but adapt themselves to the natural terrain. This configuration consequently creates a sober architectural language.