Municipal Technical Centre in Fondettes

Commune of Fondettes

MU / Egis

1 370 m2

1 860 000€ ht

RT2012 / double skin

Competition 2014



A technical center is primarily a tool that must be efficient, functional, ergonomic , flexible, sustainable and must permit evolution.

Located on the outskirts of Fondettes, between an agricultural landscape and industrial buildings, the site’s particularity is being crossed by a high voltage power line. The site is also defined by the necessity of creating a common parking space for surrounding industries.

By proposing a simple and mineral volume, aligned with the main country road, the project attempts to give this eclectic environment the mark of a major public service building where the functional and the aesthetic are in perfect symbiosis.

The situation of the construction would also permit to entirely distinguish between the public entrance to the parking lot and the personnel entrance to a generously proportioned truck loading and manoeuvring area.

The constant evolution of the activities inside the technical center imply a design of the workshops that can suit potential adaptations, overall flexibility and future transformations.

We have therefore designed a compact building bathed in natural light where the technicians can integrate an ergonomic and efficient work space.

The choice of concrete, a noble and robust material, participates to spell out the institutional character that we wish to give the construction. The proportion and the play on perforations posses a functional and esthetic aspect. The concrete moucharabieh plays the role of a second skin which is used as a technical corridor and permits to introduce a filtered light into the workshops, without the risk of overheating. The lower part of the building is a rough solid mass which is punctuated by large openings.