10 Multifamily Housing and a Shop Brancion Road in Paris


MU / EVP / L. Choulet / M. Forgue

750 m2

1 450 000€ ht

Plan Climat Paris / RT2012 / H&E

Competition 2013


The immediate context of the project provides grand possibilities for architectural identity yet it also brings constraints.
The volume of our project envisages both perceptions from the street and from the park. The building is positioned opposite the park and the covered market. The project marks a border but not a limit in the sense that it highlights the green pocket in the city.
In order to maintain the urban alignment facing the park, we have chosen to treat the neighboring “step back” by deforming the volume of the building. Part of the street facade is cantilevered over the pavement to accentuate the oriented fracture towards the neighbouring 91 building.
We were determined to use the project as a link between existing façades. By creating a fracture in the façade, we were able to refine the gable wall and enhance the transparency of the building. Indeed, we were searching to accentuate the sharpness of the broken volume to reinforce the notion of a light visual urban “hook”.
The south west angle of the project represents a breath in what is a globally compact building. We have also tried playing on openings and closures to enhance the notion of mass and to get as much natural lighting into the building as possible.

The 7 story building consists of 10 housing units and a ground floor shop of 55m² . The organization of the ground floor allows two separate entrances for the shop and the apartments, whilst integrating the 50cm height difference between the street and the top of the plot.
On the ground floor the generous proportions of the shop offers a grand linear facade and therefore many commercial possibilities. The rest of the ground floor space is dedicated to common spaces for the apartments. The inhabitants enter through a vast exterior cover
They find a space on their right for their bikes and a space in front of them for strollers. And the entrance on their right, leading to the main staircase.
The visual continuity between the public and private spaces offers a smooth transition between the apartments, favorable to social interaction. The volumes are generous, bright and airy.
The variety in apartment typology participates in the quality of the project. We wanted to encourage the greatest possible social diversity by multiplying the sizes of the apartments.
The project features a play on volumes and materials that creates a screen to protect the apartments from too much sun exposure from the west and noise pollution from the street, and to create protected views onto the park.
The window sills placed at 45 cm and the variety of private exterior spaces (balconies, loggias, terraces) permit the inhabitants to enjoy more sun, solar heating and also a more intimate view onto the street and park.