Bioclimatic Cutural Centre in Ballan-Miré

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MU / Klair / B2i / Adx / Aïda / Atf

1 480 m2 shon

2 990 000€ ht

RT2012 / trombe wall / green roof

Competition 2012


A square is created at the foot of a great cedar tree in the south corner of the plot so as to spare no free space and also to mark the access to the lobby of the building. Upon entering the building, you find yourself in the main social space which is drawn with a curved geometry, which gently peels off from the angle of the plot. A canopy following the curve of the building brings shelter to the main square in front of the entrance.
Transparency is created between the main road and the garden in order to guarantee a visual porosity.
The auditorium is placed as an extension of the canopy, withdrawn from the main street. The room benefits from a private access from the street and affirms its urban identity.
The auditorium acts as an urban sign by the help of its volume, which can be seen from both sides of the plot.
The room possesses a solar wall, on its south façade, upon which is placed a sheet of screen printed glass, used as the signboard of the cultural Centre
The library stretches out the length of the park, as an extension of the entrance hall to the east, following the south wall of the plot to assume a linear expansion and the overall fluidity of the project.